Mitavite Show Primer

Vitamite® Show Primer® is a cool, low dose, high oil supplement for use when prize winning condition and presentation is required. Suitable and safe for horses and ponies, Show Primer® is highly palatable and easy to use in conjunction with your horse's usual diet.


Contains Echinaea Herbs

Show Primer® contains added Echinacea herbs for all-round good health and wellbeing. Trials have show that Echinacea supplementation can act as a blood booster by increasing the concentration of red blood cells in horses, supporting oxygen supply.


Calming Magnesium

Magnesium is an important electrolyte that has a role in the metabolism of bone and energy in the horse. Cool, calm behaviour can be encouraged by providing the correct level of Magnesium in the diet, as deficiencies may have a negative impact on the nervous system.


x 15kg


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